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> Task 1.1: Selection and analysis of health cluster experiences at EU level.
> Task 1.2: Selection of the international cluster experts for mentoring.
> Task 1.3: Validation of swot analysis.
> Task 1.4: Participation of experts in local working group roundtables.
> Task 1.5: Validation of the cluster research agenda and implementation plan.
D 1.1: Guideline on key aspects for creation of a research driven cluster.
> Task 2.1: Analysis of European policies in support of assistive sector.
> Task 2.2: Analysis of national policies in support of assistive sector.
> Task 2.3: Collection and analysis of information regarding national and European programmes in support of assistive technologies.
> Task 2.4: Analysis of local initiatives and environment in support of assistive sector.
> Task 2.5: Policy implications for the support of assistive technologies cluster.
D2.1: Report on local, national and European policies and initiatives in support of AT or related sectors.
D2.2: Policy implications for the support of assistive technology clusters.
WP3: ANALYSIS OF ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGIES> Task 3.1: Analysis of the strategic reports published by the European technology platforms.
> Task 3.2: Analysis of industry technology offer at EU level.
> Task 3.3: Compilation and analysis of the assistive technology projects financed at national and EU level.
> Task 3.4: Analysis of patents in assistive technologies.
> Task 3.5: Elaboration of report on current situation of assistive technologies.
D3.1: Report on current assistive technologies situation at EU level.
WP4: LOCAL ECONOMIC AND R&D POTENTIAL > Task 4.1: Collection and analysis of the economic and technological situation.
> Task 4.2: Analysis of the social needs and end user demand.
> Task 4.3: Analysis of regional innovation indicators.
> Task 4.4: Analysis of current market trends and barriers.
> Task 4.5: First swot draft.
> Task 4.6: Technical validation with European experts.
> Task 4.7: Final swot and definition of the scope of the cluster and cooperation areas.
D4.1: Report on the economic and R&D potential of San Sebastián (Month 9).
D4.2: Final SWOT report (Month 14).
WP5: LOCAL WORKING GROUPS> Task 5.1: Definition of the general structure of the working groups.
> Task 5.2: Agreement, organisation and mobilisation of working groups.
> Task 5.3: Organisation of working group meetings.
No deliverables are expected under this workpackage.
WP6: DEFINITION OF CLUSTER SCOPE AND RESEARCH AGENDA> Task 6.1: Definition of the cluster vision, mission and global objectives.
> Task 6.2: General structure of the assistive technology cluster research agenda.
> Task 6.3: Definition of cluster research agenda.
> Task 6.4: Validation with the mentoring committee of the project.
> Task 6.5: Cluster research agenda.
D6.1: Cluster research agenda.
WP7: IMPLEMENTATION PLAN > Task 7.1: Definition of the content of the implementation plan.
> Task 7.2: Agreement with working groups.
> Task 7.3: Definition of implementation plan. Making it happen in 3 years.
> Task 7.4: Validation of the mentoring committee.
> Task 7.5: Implementation plan.
D 7.1: Implementation plan of assistive technology cluster of San Sebastián.
WP8: DISSEMINATION> Task 8.1: Project website.
> Task 8.2: Dissemination to local stakeholders.
> Task 8.3: Dissemination to regional, national and european public administrations.
> Task 8.4: Final cluster launching conference.
D 8.1: Project website.
D 8.2: Brochures with cluster research agenda and implementation plan.
D 8.3: Mailing distribution to assistive technology stakeholders.
D 8.4: Final cluster launching conference.