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What is Tecforlife?
Tecforlife is a seventh framework programme with the objetive of setting the basis for the creation a new research driven cluster on assistive technologies (AT) in San Sebastián (Basque Country) to improve the coordination of the local stakeholders working in the field and maximise the efforts and existing infrastructures for improving socioeconomic development and strengthen the RTD and innovation capacity of not only of the city, but also acting as facilitator and catalyst at regional level.

Strategic objectives

The strategic objectives that will ensure the achievements of the general aim of the project are:

To coordinate the RTD and innovation efforts of the local stakeholders working around the assistive technologies sector.

To align the assistive technology RTD strategy of San Sebastián with the European, national and regional plans and programmes.

To increase the social and economic development at local and regional level by means of promoting the assistive technology research driven cluster and the activities associated to it.

To increase the knowledge and experience sharing with other European clusters working in health and dependency.

To establish a local partnership for cooperation and exchange of experiences among the different stakeholders working in the assistive technologies sector for establishing a common vision and strategy.

To increase the capacity of public administrations to boost the assistive technology clusters at local level in the medium and longer term.

Operative objectives

To have a better knowledge on the current situation of the assistive technology market and the public policies and initiatives developed in support of assistive technologies sector and dependency.

To develop a detailed analysis on the R&D&innovation potentialities of San Sebastián.

To mobilise all the local stakeholders working in assistive technologies in order to contribute to the definition of a detailed Research Agenda for the cluster and the practical Implementation Plan with detailed roadmap of activities to drive RTD development activities defined in the Research Agenda.

To develop the Implementation Plan of the AT cluster with the support of the stakeholders participating in the working groups.

To disseminate the results achieved in the project to different stakeholders at different levels (local/regional/national/European), in order to get them involved in all the activities for the creation of AT cluster of San Sebastián.